The Awards' Purpose

In 2013-2014, two prizes of $25,000 each will be available from the McGlothlin Foundation to award a Kindergarten–Grade 5 public school teacher and a Middle/High School public school teacher who each excel in their fields. This award is intended to recognize innovative full-time classroom teachers with at least five years of experience from core curriculum areas, and foreign language, special education, art and music, who have not previously won major awards in education.

A requirement of the awards is: $10,000.00 is to be used, within a year, for international travel to broaden the thinking and experience of the winning teachers, further enhancing their excellence as professional educators.

"The McGlothlin Foundation's goal is for the awards to inspire recipients, their students, their peers, and indeed, their entire school. It is our intent to find the best teachers in today's classrooms around our region. We want to recognize their fine work, reward them for it, and by so doing inspire others to the high qualities they exemplify. Certainly, this award will recognize, in a rather significant way, what we consider one of the most important professions -- and one with so many unsung heroes." - Thomas D. McGlothlin, President, McGlothlin Foundation

Special thanks go to Tom McGlothlin and the McGlothlin Foundation for making this important recognition of teaching excellence possible. The McGlothlin Awards for Teaching Excellence are administered by Blue Ridge PBS.

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