The McGlothlin Awards for Teaching Excellence 2006 Winners

The McGlothlin Foundation, Blue Ridge PBS, and Radford University Announce the 2006 McGlothlin Awards for Teaching Excellence

2006 Winners(Roanoke, VA)- The 2006 McGlothlin Awards for Teaching Excellence were awarded April 19, 2006 at Radford University, granted in the amount of $25,000 each to two outstanding teachers. These awards are tied with the nation's largest awards to teachers-the Milkin and the Disney awards-but are only offered to teachers from communities in the Blue Ridge regions of Virginia, Tennessee, Kentucky, and West Virginia.

The purpose of these awards, now in its seventh year, is to "find the best teachers working in today's classrooms around our region. We want to recognize their fine work, reward them for it, and by so doing inspire others to the high qualities they exemplify. This award recognizes in a rather significant way what we consider one of the most important professions-and one with so many unsung heroes."


2006 Elementary School Winner (Grades K-5):

Jennie Finney
Stony Mill Elementary School
Pittsylvania County, VA


2006 Elementary School Finalists

Ruth Erquiaga
Perrymont Elementary School
Lynchburg, VA

Tamatha Farrell
Burlington Elementary School
Roanoke County, VA

2006 Middle/High School Winner (Grade 6-12):

John Dodson
Rocky Gap High School
Bland County, VA


2006 Middle/High School Finalists

Tracy Easterling
Vance Middle School
Bristol, TN

Susan Stanberry
Heritage High School
Lynchburg, VA




Jennie FinneyVeteran teacher Jennie Finney, of Stony Mill Elementary in Pittsylvania County, leads a classroom where hands-on activities are the key to learning. Jennie has over 25 years of classroom experience, and she has spent a lot of time crafting lessons that incorporate cooperative learning strategies and tons of student participation. Her students are used to plenty of 'AHA' moments when the scientific principles listed in the curriculum come alive before their eyes. With her travel stipend, Jennie dreams of seeing Australia and the Great Barrier Reef to experience the diversity of life on land and sea.


John DodsonJohn Dodson teaches social studies at Rocky Gap High School in Bland County and oversees a program that has been gathering and organizing the oral histories of hundreds of local residents. A veteran of the classroom and a native of the region, John was an early adopter of instructional technology and was one of the first in his district to recognize the instructional impact of the internet in the classroom. In a school where this year's graduating class of seniors numbers only 32, John works hard to make sure that students are exposed to the world around them by integrating the creative use of technology into his lessons and in the extracurricular oral history project that is being created and maintained by his students.


John will use his travel stipend to visit England and Scotland to meet with the creators of a local history project there and plans to make connections between the Old World and his community in Bland County. Visit the Bland County History Archives online at www.bland.k12.va.us/bland/rocky/gap.html


2006 runner-up finalistsThe 2006 McGlothlin Awards for Teaching Excellence recognize one Grade K-5 teacher and one Grade 6-12 teacher. Each winner is awarded $25,000, with the stipulation that $10,000 must be used, within a year, for international travel and/or study to broaden the thinking and experience of the winning teachers and further enhance their excellence as professional educators. Four runner-up finalists will each receive $1,000. "The McGlothlin Foundation wishes to inspire the award recipients," says Thomas D. McGlothlin, president of the McGlothlin Foundation, "so that they can breathe new life into their classrooms, their peers, and indeed the entire school." 2006 runner-up finalists

See videos & lesson plans from all of our talented finalists at www.radford.edu/

Special thanks go to Tom McGlothlin and the McGlothlin Foundation for making this important recognition of teaching excellence possible. The McGlothlin Awards for Teaching Excellence are administered by Blue Ridge PBS.

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