What the Judges Will Be Evaluating

The following dispositions are observed throughout the judging process: 

  • Teaching for at least 5 years, with plans to continue in the teaching profession 
  • How the travel portion of the award will help “bring the world” to the classroom 
  • Commitment to the teaching profession and to continuing professional development (for oneself, mentoring other educators, and/or encouraging young people to become teachers) 
  • Inspiring students, other educators, and the community to value and enjoy learning 
  • Meeting the diverse needs of learners 
  • Promoting a high level of student engagement and achievement 
  • Personal intellectual, ethical, moral, and social standards that inspire the nominees’ students to lives of service and social responsibility

Special thanks go to Tom McGlothlin and the McGlothlin Foundation for making this important recognition of teaching excellence possible. The McGlothlin Awards for Teaching Excellence are administered by Blue Ridge PBS.

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